The Basic Policy of Mr. Taro Yamamoto 基本政策

1. Radiation exposure prevention!

2. Refusing to join the TPP (Trans Pacific

    Strategic Economic Partnership)!

3. Do not let people starve!


1. Radiation exposure prevention!  Immediate  

     withdrawal from the nuclear power industry!

The radiation contamination, caused by the TEPCO nuclear disaster in Fukushima, has even spread throughout East Japan and, of course, in Tokyo.

By creating a comprehensive map of the contaminated areas (including nuclide as well as Caesium(Cs)) we would be able to know which areas are safe and which areas are dangerous – is this not something we all want to know?

This is the responsibility of the State – to ensure people can live safe and healthy lives.

And, it is the right of the people to be relocated if they fear contamination in their area.

Can you believe that this country insists 100Bq (Becquerel) per 1 Kg is a safe level of radiation when, prior to the Fukushima disaster, this level was considered to be high-level nuclear waste?

Why aren’t politicians saying anything about this statistic?

We cannot let the status quo continue: the failure to assign the Nekobaba reconstruction budget to the disaster area; or the failure to prevent the distribution of contaminated cement (diluting the ash and radioactive materials) as “recycled ecology”.

Why do the existing political parties keep quiet about this?

There are three fundamental principles when considering the prevention of contamination from radiation:

These are (1) Not moving or spreading the contamination; (2) Containing the contamination; and (3) Strict management of the contamination, but…For nuclear plant workers from the TEPCO nuclear disaster in Fukushima, there must be better regulation of exposure to radiation and improved healthcare management!

Let’s also ensure adequate labour compensation for people who are sacrificing their lives carrying out this work.

To continue using the nuclear plants is equivalent to playing Russian roulette every second with these people’s lives.

As it currently stands, most areas of Japan have demonstrated that it is possible to live without nuclear power.

Let’s realize, within the area of Asian countries, alternative energy sources, for example, a gas-combined system using procurable natural gas, or a safe electrical power supply using small-scale water power.

These alternative methods are also better for the environment.

Let’s focus on using new energy, such as hydrogen, and ensure that by 2018 we say goodbye to the US-Japan nuclear energy agreement!


2. Refusing to join the TPP to retain control over access to water, food and medical services!  An end to nuclear power!

It is not until 2017 when we will know more about TPP.

This Treaty, which lacks transparency and equality, will preside over domestic law;however, in the US, domestic law will be given precedence over the Treaty.

Isn’t this ironic?! The nations who joined the negotiations ahead of Japan made an agreement not to amend the text of the Treaty.

Therefore, all of the Treaty articles must be complied with regardless of how detrimental they are to Japan.

It is nonsense to say that more favourable conditions could be negotiated.

To join the TPP means there will be no room for negotiation and, in effect, we will be handing over control of our country to others.

The political parties and politicians who are in favour of joining this Treaty do so in order to protect their own interests and vested company interests.

Essential basic needs, such as water, food, and medical services will be exploited and destroyed by so-called multinational enterprises.

Japan will be dominated by the other signatory countries to the TPP.

TPP will minimise the role of government, will maximise corporate activities, and return Japan to ‘colonization’ – but this time at the hands of multinational enterprises.

Once global price competition is accepted, there will be low wages, extended working hours, and ‘black corporations’ (exploitative sweatshop-type employment systems) which will become standard.

If employees challenge this situation, their jobs may be handed over to labourers flowing in from overseas.

The world created by TPP sees people as disposable – alternative labour can be found easily.

TPP would remove people’s dignity.


3. Do not let people starve. Development of Social Security!

KAROUSHI, which literally means ‘death from overwork’, is a global norm nowadays.

Overtime of 80 hours per month is called “Karoushi Line”, and labour above this number of hours is not illegal.

Let’s not allow labour conditions to exist where people are worked to death.

Let’s establish a basic Act which prevents death from overwork and grab back the well-intentioned philosophy of ‘work to live’ rather than living to work.

Japan is seen as a developed country, yet there is data demonstrating that 5 people per day die from lack of food.

Welfare benefits are a safety net for a minimum standard of living, but a plan to avoid making these benefits available is soon to be legislated by politicians.

The percentage of people fraudulently claiming benefits is as low as 0.5%.

It is right that fraud should be prevented, but it would be particularly tragic if the lives of those receiving benefits are devastated as a result of a very small minority who play the system.

How can we call this country an advanced country if we cut welfare benefits?

How can we demand that poor people take sole responsibility for the disadvantaged situation they find themselves in?

We need to bring in a new source of revenue without detracting resources from the poor; instead we need those with more to assist those with less.

We need everyone to help and contribute to ensure free education and medical care!


1. 被曝させない

2. TPPはいらない

3. 飢えさせない


1. 被曝させない   原発即時撤退!



事故前は「放射性廃棄物」扱いだった「1キロあたり100ベクレル」を「食べて安全」と言う国を信用できますか?この数値に対し何故 現職の国会議員は声を上げないのでしょう?


東電原発事故収束作業員の皆さんの厳格な被曝、健康管理を! 命を削りながら作業にあたる皆さんにピンハネなしの正当な労働の代価を。



2. TPP 入らない!


私たちがTPPについて知る事ができるのは4年後。不透明で不平等なこの条約、日本では「国内法より」も優先されます。 ですがアメリカでは条約よりも「国内法」が優先されるのです。おかしな話ですね。




参加に前のめりな政党や政治家が守りたいものは、自分の利益と利害関係のある企業の旨味のみ。人が生きる上で絶対的に必要な 「水」「食」「医療」など24分野に渡り多国籍企業に喰い物にされ破壊されます。



3. 飢えさせない  社会保障を厚く!