20140930162220Basic Policies (Immediate Rallying Point)

Never to have nuclear power plants again operating in Japan. Never again to risk anyone being exposed to nuclear radiation poisoning
All the nuclear power plants stopped after the Great East Japan Earthquake in March 2011. Therefore, even without nuclear power plants, Japan is still able to generate sufficient electricity to meet its needs.
The return of nuclear power plants could destroy Japan and must be prevented at all costs.
Tons of radioactive material is being emitted into the air and polluted water is being dumped into the sea every day. We need to research the consequences of this in a number of areas, for example, upon the soil, and in food supplies. It is also necessary to assess the impact on the health of all living organisms; not only in Fukushima but all over East Japan to highlight any radiation exposure across a wider area.
We will try to ensure that the Government enables people to leave the area who have suffered from the disaster if they wish, and protect their “right to escape ” It is the responsibility of the Government to provide financial support as compensation to those affected.

We will not allow a further hike in consumption tax
The tax increase to 8% in April 2014 has put a high burden on smaller businesses and consumers, and the benefit of this tax goes primarily to larger export businesses. We are against this recent hike in consumption tax.
The Government is not being honest when it says that the increased tax provides social benefits. The truth is that it “reduces” social security for the majority of Japanese people while the reduction in corporate income tax only benefits the large industrial giants.
We are opposed to this.

Against the Newly Building of Okinawa-Henoko base
About existing Futenma Base in Okinawa, the relocation plan to outside the country, Guam and Tinian Island in the Northern Mariana Islands, should be promoted.
The Status of Forces Agreement between Japan and the U.S. should be reformed, the air planes of U.S. Force should be regulated under control of Japanese law system, and we do not allow the sky flight training of Osprey helicopters in the city area.

We will not enroll in TPP
TPP (Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership) only benefits the US in its relationship and not Japan. The relaxing of the regulations will have a significant negative impact on “the Citizens”: and will only benefit the large companies. In fact, only 1% of the population will benefit; the remaining 99% of the population will gain nothing.

Right to collective self-defense is not needed
The defense of Japan could be corresponded by right to individual self-defense.
We consider it to be unacceptable that the Government attempts to expand Japan’s military war effort. This only benefits army surplus stores and suppliers. The victims of any war are always the citizens caught up in it.
We will not allow amendment to the Constitution through the Cabinet decision only. Right to collective self-defense is not needed.

Abolish the State Secrets Protection Bill
This latest legislation gives the impression that the state authorities want to conceal any information that risks the Government’s reputation or image. This includes important information that the public have a right to access.
Secret information regarding military defense is already classified under the Self-Defense Forces Act. Information known by public officials is also prevented from being leaked by the National Public Service Act. For these reasons, this new law is totally unnecessary.
Openness and transparency should be the key principles and responsibility of the Government. We will abolish the State Secrets Protection Bill.


Urgent Attention:Current Goals

Prevent the people from being exposed to radiation
We should not make the people in Japan and the world exposed to radiation contamination anymore beyond the present situation.
We will not allow the re-operation of Nuclear power plants, take efforts to achieve the realization of nuclear power plants abolition at once and oppose the export of them.
In Fukushima resident health-care-administration investigation, childhood thyroid cancers are found frequently.
Only whole-body-counter investigation is insufficient and urinalysis and more are also required.
Let’s make a progress in the survey of soil, food and health by our hands.

Prevention of dangerous vaccines for alleged Prevention of Cervical Cancer
The vaccine for cervical cancer has serious side effects and its supply should be stopped by the Government. It is said that the vaccine has a “possibility” of helping only seven in one hundred thousand patients who take the vaccine. Even then, there is no evidence to suggest that this result is purely because of the benefits provided by taking the vaccine itself.
90% of the virus are evacuated naturally, and 90% of women who are infected with the virus responsible for causing cervical cancer at the stage of CIN1(Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia1) get well naturally without medical intervention. A much better approach to preventing cervical cancer would be to have periodic medical health checks for all women.
In addition to stopping the supply of this vaccine, the Government also has responsibility to ensure that the 3,380,000 girls who have already taken the vaccine receive suitable support. Any such investigations that prove a patient’s health has been damaged as a result of taking the vaccine should receive appropriate compensation and support.

STOP! Casinos / Gambling
Casinos contribute to the deterioration of public order, morality and social justice. The only purpose of casinos is to profit at the expense of its customers by ensuring that the majority lose their money .
The Government is trying to push casinos as a key element of the Government’s Growth Strategy – this is a big mistake. In fact, the intention of the Government is to pass a law which would allow legalized gambling casinos in Japan.
We will stand against this new law in support with a coalition of people of sound judgement and decency.

Regular employment should be guaranteed to all applicants,  Guaranteed MInimum Wages should be increased drastically!

Since Prime Minister Abe came to Office, regular employment numbers have reduced by 480,000 people, and non-regular employment has increased by 860,000 people. Overall, 37% of the whole Japanese workforce and 55% of women are now in non-permanent job positions.
We will try to make a society where all applicants can work as regular employees. Guaranteed MInimum Wages should be increased drastically along with the UN recommendation.

Scholarships should be non-interest based!

In 2014, 452,000 students could receive scholarships that were interest free. However, 957,000 students received scholarships with interest rate charges. The total of delinquent account in student loan is 430,000,000 Yen, and the total interest on the loans that accrued interest is currently also very high at 31,767,000,000 Yen in 2012.
This system is like an aggravated consumer loan farm for students.
Let’s keep the financial source at 30,000,000,000 Yen per year. We believe all student loans should be provided interest free.



福島原発からは今も放射性物質が放出され、汚染水は海洋に垂れ流されています。東日本全体、さらに 広範囲の被曝の実態を明らかにするために、土壌・海洋・食品の調査、生涯にわたる健康調査を求めます。 被曝者の避難の権利を認めさせ、国の責任で損害賠償・被災者支援を実現させます。








深刻な副反応が続出している子宮頸がん予防ワクチンは、即刻接種中止すべきです。 10万人に7人にしか効果の“可能性”がなく、そもそもウイルス感染しても90%は自然排出、 軽度異形成の90%は自然治癒。定期的な併用検査で子宮頸がんは予防できます。政府が今行うべきは、 ワクチン接種中止と約338万人の接種を受けた少女たち全員の追跡調査と被害者の全面救済です。