You would not see these people selling their souls for money, nor,  Selling their home country for money!”


Good morning, everyone.

I became a Member of the House of Councillors.

I am Taro Yamamoto.

I come from Tokyo to cheer you all up.

Do you come from Tokyo?

It is not only Tokyo where people come from, but all over Japan.

Every citizen who comes from Hokkaido, Aomori, Nagano, and from all over Japan.

The whole country pays attention to this election.

The election of the Mayor of NAGO is such a special election.

And, it is not only Japan.

Overseas celebrities, intellectuals, many people – in fact 29 people from all over the world – they all talk about this election.

It is a big deal.


Does Japan have a democracy? 

To everybody in Nago, this Nago mayoral election is something that people all over the world pay attention to in the name of democracy.


Please think about this.

As for rival candidates, important people from the Liberal Democratic Party visit Nago every day.

And many speeches have been made in the streets.

Yesterday, Mr. Ishiba of the Liberal Democratic Party came here to visit.

What was said by him is as follows: A foundation will be set up in Nago.

50 billion yen will be injected into Nago.

This is what they are saying.


Please think about this for a minute.

This country will become a ‘cash and carry’ policy again with Nago and Okinawa.

They think all it takes to keep people quiet is to hand over money.

The problem with the military bases has the same root cause as the nuclear power debate.

By enforcing such policies in rural areas, by trying to make people quiet by throwing money at them, people are being asked to sell their souls.

These politicians are asking too big a favour from the Nago people.

No way will we do this!

You would not see these people selling their souls for money, nor, selling their home country for money.

It stands to reason.

It is not only the present time that counts.

Even if these promises to meet your daily needs are met, this is not enough to sustain you in the future.

I think everybody has already realised this.

This is the baton that was handed by our predecessors to protect this beautiful Nago, a jewel of Japan, a jewel of the world, for the next generation.


Mr. Susumu Inamine is the one who is trying to hand this baton to the next generation and he says No to establishing a military base in Henoko.

As a result, the Restructuring Grants given by the Government have been stopped on the basis that the Grants were set up to establish military bases in Nago.

Even though it is not possible to keep going without the Grants, surprisingly, Mr. Inamine reversed the decision to keep the Grants in his 1st term.

With the Grants being cut, the financial administration has certainly become rich.

It is about twice as financially prosperous as the previous municipal government.

There is surplus money.

They are not distributing the temporary money which has been given by the Government, in the best interests of the country.


Why are they doing this?

Let’s try to keep Nago sustainable.

As a result, many people from all over the world rush to provide Japan with aid.

This comes from all over the world.

There is a reason behind this.


Please consider this.

Sightseeing is one of the main industries in Nago.

But it is important to consider the negative impact of the expanding tourist industry, for example the roar of noisy planes flying continuously overhead.


Please protect Nago.

You, only Nago residents, can make decisions about Nago‘s future.

The Government says: What do you know? This is because it is the Government who decides if the base is built or not, or where to build it.

It is a joke.

It is the people of Nago who should decide what happens to Nago.

This is the most natural thing.

Even so, such a natural course of action is going to be denied to the Nago people.

This is not a joke.

It is not democracy.

Every vote by each person here should determine the future of Nago.

It is no surprise.

I would like to take your message about this country which continues on a reckless journey, directly to the Liberal Democratic Party Administration.

A campaign pledge—I can see that they think it is just relevant during the time of an election.

Just as it gains power, the present Liberal Democratic Party does a U-turn – this is the Abe Administration.


TPP, you know.

It is the problem of all the people who live in this country.

More than 200 lawmakers from the Liberal Democratic Party said “No to TPP” during a Lower House election last year (in December 2012).

However, what is the position now?

Aren’t they the ones who are going to establish TPP somehow?

This is the truth.

The campaign pledge is just a lie.

There are only a few politicians who protect their campaign pledge once in Parliament.

Tourists wave their hands from the buses.

The thing that the tourists want for Nago.

It is healing.

If a new base or a military fortress is built, people would be afflicted by the roaring sound of planes every day.

Is healing obtained in such a place?

Through strained relations and confrontation, this beautiful Nago will change and become a target.

Don’t let such a thing happen here.


“Do not say that it came from outside Okinawa.” It is reasonable.

That’s right.

This election is a chance for the Nago people to decide.

Everybody in Okinawa, you have already proved that employment can be increased without the military bases, haven’t you?

Look at several cities like the new city area in OkinawaShin toshin’, or Chatan town; people have shown that you have the power in your hands.

(From “TwiCas recording live in Nago Mayoral Election #34172650”  17 January 2014)




















































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